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Spa Delivery

Kanya-ThaiMassgae Hawaii , just as the name implies, also offers mobile outcall massage therapies in Honolulu, HI. That means that the massage therapist will travel to your location instead of you traveling to our studio. So why not get the massage in the comfort of your home without going anywhere? This is the question we want to ask! Our outcall service has become extremely popular in the local region as many people find it hardly to spare the free time to get away.


Our massage studio is one of the leading providers of therapeutic outcall massages. Our therapists provide quality and affordable massages, and can give you a quick relief from one of the most common injuries and traumas. What is more, they allow a person to take a few moments off to relax and be able to find his/her center. With the help of ointments, liniments and gentle oils imbued with invigorating or soothing extracts, our massages can even be used to encourage a better and healthier living style.


Are you tired, worn down and stressed, feel like you want to run away? What you need is the help of Kanya-ThaiMassage Hawaii. Give us a call at (808) 352-8714 and enjoy a wonderful massage in the comfort of your home!

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